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Prayer Group – LITE has been published!

It is my pleasure to announce that the Prayer Group has been released!  This has been about 8 months in the making and we have finally go it approved at Google Plus Store.

Now, I am sure there are some bugs or features that still need to be ironed out, so please be patient.  In the meantime, please download and poke around the app.  Also, if you could kindly give a rating, or even better, send us an email with suggestions, that would even be better!

Here are some of the things that Prayer Group LITE has:

*Graphs: Colorful graphs displaying your daily, weekly, or monthly prayer progress and which prayers you think have been answered.
*Sharing: Ability to share your prayers with your your friends via email.
*Daily Feed: Daily feed of quotes  in which you get free inspiring quotes to start your day. Sharing quotes via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ coming out soon!
*Customization:  Full Customization of personal settings to save your favorite quote and username.

A full version will be out in a couple of months that will have other neat features so stay tuned.  You can get the app here:

Prayer Group LITE

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Update 1.1 for Bible FUN Lite and 1.2 for Bible Shuffle

Finally!  I updated Bible FUN Lite by adding more trivia questions.  Also, I added two more images for Bible Shuffle.

As always, you can get the app here:

Available in Android Market

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Bible FUN FULL VERSION has been released!

This is the official promo for the app:

Bible FUN offers different modes and types of questions to help stimulate your child’s interest in Bible stories. Who knows, maybe even you might learn something new 🙂

This FULL version has:
* Ads removed
* Arcade mode where you need to answer as many questions within a given time.
* Traditional mode allows you to answer questions at your own pace. Bible verse hints are even given.
* Different bible trivia questions constantly updated just for FULL version
* More questions grouped by category and new options for the user to toggle compared to the LITE version
* Score tracking system to keep track of highest score.

This FULL version is made to help support to daily maintenance and development of Bible games. If money is an issue, by all means download the LITE version. The purpose of these apps is to give everyone a chance to learn more about the Bible!

Leaving a rating or a comment will be greatly appreciated.

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Update 1.1 for Bible Shuffle

Per user request, there has been update for adding a Sound option.  Also, it seems like people don’t really like the sound to begin with, so I turned it off by default.

Please, leave some comments so I know what to change or improve – thanks!

Things changed:

  1. Disabled sound per default
  2. Allowed user to turn on or off sound during gameplay
  3. Added a comment link and also tweaked some code

As always, you can get the app here:

Available in Android Market

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Good news! Bible Shuffle has been released!

Bible Shuffle has images taken from the stories and shuffles it around. The catch is to move the images back to the original position. There is one free spot so use it to your advantage.

Bible Shuffle has
* Multiple images from the Bible to solve (more coming soon!)
* Three levels of difficulty. If there is a demand for more, a new release will come soon
* Solutions are displayed for user’s reference

Leaving a comment or rating would be greatly appreciated 🙂

Please also check back or website to see when updates will occur!

As always, you can get the app here:

Available in Android Market

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New release for 1.0.8!

Good news!  Just completed the newest goodies for Bible FUN.

Some of the new features added:

  1. Added Traditional mode! Number of questions can be chosen and answered at own pace. “Help” button is also added to provide verses to look up in the Bible
  2. Added questions submitted by you (the users!)
  3. Included more trivia questions in the Arcade and Traditional mode
  4. Added more graphics to the screen

As always, you can get the app here:

Available in Android Market

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UPDATE: Bible FUN Lite 1.0.4 has been released

Bible FUN Lite 1.0.4 has all the previous 1.0.2 features plus some added goodies!

  1. Created new graphics for main page
  2. “High Score” is displayed on gameplay screen
  3. Dynamically update the “Current Score” on gameplay screen
  4. Fixed minor issue involving sound
  5. Added more trivia questions
  6. Fixed a trivia question

Available in Android Market

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