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Update for 1.4 Bible Fun Lite – finally!

I can’t believe it has been almost 9 months since I updated Bible Fun Lite, but I finally did it this past weekend. It’s actually really hard to come up with more questions and considering I only have so little time during the day to do so, it makes it that much harder.

I have also been working on a new app and I hope you all will enjoy it. It has been in the works for the past couple of months, but I think I got some great headway this past weekend. I’ll post more about it when new information comes available

You can get the 1.4 Bible Fun here:

Available in Android Market

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Update 1.1 for Bible Shuffle

Per user request, there has been update for adding a Sound option. ¬†Also, it seems like people don’t really like the sound to begin with, so I turned it off by default.

Please, leave some comments so I know what to change or improve – thanks!

Things changed:

  1. Disabled sound per default
  2. Allowed user to turn on or off sound during gameplay
  3. Added a comment link and also tweaked some code

As always, you can get the app here:

Available in Android Market

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Good news! Bible Shuffle has been released!

Bible Shuffle has images taken from the stories and shuffles it around. The catch is to move the images back to the original position. There is one free spot so use it to your advantage.

Bible Shuffle has
* Multiple images from the Bible to solve (more coming soon!)
* Three levels of difficulty. If there is a demand for more, a new release will come soon
* Solutions are displayed for user’s reference

Leaving a comment or rating would be greatly appreciated ūüôā

Please also check back or website to see when updates will occur!

As always, you can get the app here:

Available in Android Market

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New release for 1.0.8!

Good news!  Just completed the newest goodies for Bible FUN.

Some of the new features added:

  1. Added Traditional mode! Number of questions can be chosen and answered at own pace. “Help” button is also added to provide verses to look up in the Bible
  2. Added questions submitted by you (the users!)
  3. Included more trivia questions in the Arcade and Traditional mode
  4. Added more graphics to the screen

As always, you can get the app here:

Available in Android Market

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Finally free time!

I finally got some free time (just graduated – yay!) to work on the Bible FUN app and will be working full steam to get it launched.

First and foremost, I want to thank each and¬†everyone of you who have supported the app and also myself. ¬†I just checked that my app has almost 7,000 downloads and 4.5/5 review. ¬†Honestly, when I finally published the app for the first time in a lonely Starbucks corner on New Year’s Day, I wasn’t expecting this type of positive reaction AT ALL. ¬†Seriously, it’s your comments and feedback that keeps this sole programmer chugging away, so thanks again!

Anyways, back to the original point of this post…which are updates!

Some things I am working on for the LITE version:

1.) Make¬†Traditional mode available: This is my top priority. ¬†A lot of you are asking for this and I will definitely push this version for the next release. ¬†In the traditional mode, there will be no time limit and there will be a nifty help button that you can press. ¬†If you or your child don’t know the answer, the help popup will give you a hint. ¬†This will usually contain a bible verse! ¬†What good way to learn the bible right?! ūüôā

2.) Put in more trivia questions:  Thanks for all the comments throughout these past couple of months!  Some of you even gave me questions which is amazing and I feel so blessed.  I will need to incorporate the questions in the next release.

3.) Release full version: Honestly, I have been debating about the full version for a while. ¬†My first priority was to release an app for everyone to use. ¬†However, I have spent a good deal of time (late nights) and money (Starbucks coffee isn’t cheap!) on this app. ¬†I am thinking the full version will have the ad banners removed and I will add in a couple of more categories. ¬†I still will update the the LITE version with some new questions but mostly I will add new questions on the full version. ¬†The charging price I am aiming for is $.99. ¬†I think this is reasonable and quite standard, and if people don’t want to pay for it, (seeing how the reviews has been mostly positive) I am hoping the LITE version will just do fine ūüôā ¬†Again, I want to iterate that I want children to learn about the bible first and foremost. ¬†If money is an issue, I wouldn’t mind people using the LITE version.

Any comments or opinions would be appreciated – will update soon when the release will come up!

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Good news! Bible FUN Lite has been released

Yep, Bible FUN Lite has been released into Android App store.  Some of the things that are in the app are:

– Arcade mode where you need to answer as many questions within a given time. Traditional mode coming out in a couple of weeks.
– Many bible trivia questions – more coming soon!
– Questions grouped by category
– Score tracking system to keep track of highest score
– Play all game modes as much as you want for free

It has been a long time in the making and there are some kinks that probably need to be ironed out, but I am pretty excited about the app. ¬†There are so many new features that will be implemented in a few weeks that I think will be really great. ¬†Please leave a comment! ūüôā

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Bible FUN Lite can be found in the Android Market or clicking on the link below:
Available in Android Market

Feel free to email me at:

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