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New features/tweaks added to 1.0.6

I managed to get some time from work and school to add in even more questions for the trivia.  Also, there have been many requests to tweak the gameplay so that the counter would stop when a selection is made.  Because of that, it was imperative for me to include more questions!  So, without further adieu,  here are the changes:

  1. Included more trivia questions for Children, New Testament and Old Testament categories
  2. Tweaked gameplay so any correct or incorrect choices will pause clock; thus allowing player time to answer more trivia questions
  3. Made minor updates in UI look

As always, you can get the app here:

Available in Android Market


New features being added to 1.0.5 – possible help from volunteers?

I have been getting a lot of requests to stop the timer when the user enters in a correct or incorrect answer. Ironically this feature was going to be released 3 weeks ago, but because of timing and testing issues, it was left on the back burner.

The good news is this has already been implemented. The bad news is this means the user will go through more trivia questions! Why is it bad? Quite simply, more trivia questions need to be created!  Only until more questions are added will this feature be released.  It will be great if volunteers could help with this and provide me some questions I can place in the game.  All you need to do is email me a simple question and the answer to it with 3 more possible options.  Very simple!

The format could be something like this:

Question: Who was Adam?

  1. First man
  2. First president
  3. With Eve
  4. Both 1 and 3

Answer: Both 1 and 3

As a developer, you would think coming up with the questions would be the easiest part, but actually combining that responsibility with updating the app (as well as working on another bible game – will announce soon!), working full time and going to part-time school, you can imagine how hard it is keep on coming up with trivia questions.

Anyways, have a great day.  Hopefully the update will be out by next week – check back often!

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UPDATE: Bible FUN Lite 1.0.4 has been released

Bible FUN Lite 1.0.4 has all the previous 1.0.2 features plus some added goodies!

  1. Created new graphics for main page
  2. “High Score” is displayed on gameplay screen
  3. Dynamically update the “Current Score” on gameplay screen
  4. Fixed minor issue involving sound
  5. Added more trivia questions
  6. Fixed a trivia question

Available in Android Market

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UPDATE: Bible FUN Lite 1.0.2 has been released

Here are a couple of changes that have been made:

  1. Implemented and unlocked “New Testament” as a selectable category
  2. Added many more Bible questions to categories
  3. Changed user interface to improve user experience
  4. Tweaked minor code to smooth out run time

As always, Bible FUN Lite can be found in the Android Market or more apps by clicking on the link below:

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